Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rihanna Glamorous Trendsetter

'A Girl Like Me' successes raised Rihanna name to international top pop music star at 2006. Moreover now she had reputed as The Queen of'Rock and Blues'.

Her hobby appearing by multicolor, with striking make-up, neon dress, and strong hair with style which have makeed hide her beauty, actually not good looking.

Spot on With
Reddish purple eyeshadow is improve-up her dark skin, but almost unobservable cause of striking color from her gown and lipstick she use.
At 2007, Rihana with her single album 'Umbrella' success, she change her fluorescent appearance to dominatrix bling with mini short pants and latex upper wear with tiger motif.

More famously, Rihanna appearances become different. She cut hair with edge can hide her wide forehead. So on her make-up are more soft and natural.
She is using a brown eyeshadow and brown kohl eyeliner to make her eyes look beauty.
Eyeshadow color swap from reddish purple to brown are bring proved her a lucky: Rihanna is nominated as most vote face in advertise campaign for 'CoverGirl' a brand cosmetic.

Working Progress
With tiger clothing motif and few highlight on her hair, Rihanna are throw her gently image and trying a bit wildly.

Looking Good
At 2008, Rihanna had change her appearance with short hair cut and to showing her beautiful face shape and bone cheek.
Simple make-up touch, gleam skin and sweet shape face are bringing in amazed appearances in Rihanna.
So then Gucci are selected it as their prime model Tatto Heart Christmas cloth collection.

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