Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Carrie Underwood Glamorous Trendsetter

After being successes by an American Idol winner at 2001, Carrie Underwood now are more famous after reached the Grammy Award at 2008.

So, how that modest country girl from Oklahoma changes her self to be a famous Hollywood super star? From Instyle Magazine, Carrie saying after she win American Idol, she aware be apart of music industry which always oblige her to appearing in a good style.

“Because of that, many of my time in make up room. As Form awake I always make-up because I’m don’t want looking worse if some one get my picture,” Carrie says.

Keep the Body Shape
Not only is her face, Carrie is known as perfectionist too weight loss care. She doesn’t ineptly take food to her mouth; before carefully calculate the calorie and fat.

To build her body, Carrie frequently does athletic. “Every day I always swimming one hour or using elliptical Machine. I frequently doing treadmill too and exercise ball,” Carrie says.

Smell Yummy and Cutie
“I don’t like a soap aroma because of it very fragrant. I don’t like also a perfume too. So, my way is by lotion to always get fragrant. I have favorite lotion with appropriate fragrant for me,” Carrie saying.
Just only when be present on certain party Carrie wearing the perfume. Her favorite perfume is Anna Sui and Gwen Stefani.

But her priority interest is a make-up. “I often do experiment on make-up. I like to wear almost all ornament in all together. I cottoned to some little overabundance,” Carrie saying.

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