Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Christina Aguilera launched new perfume

Christina Aguilera make bustle in Macy's Herald Square. This condition happened because that “Dirty” singer’s had launch the new perfume which called “Inspire” in New York, at 2nd September yesterday.

Pursuant to the relies Prestige Products from P&G that posted on Gossipgirls, Wednesday ( 3/9/2008), that Grammy Award winner which have an age 27 old in this year is get pose to be make a picture before greeting crowd a large group of throng and dedicate the new fragrance.

Be like reported on before, Christina assure that newest perfume aroma have perfected.

"This is the fragrance flowers fragrant, and allied with fruits aroma. Its outward pack is appearance by rose colored because very pleasant, is pop. Colour touch pink burden full of gladness, tears, and pepper and salt in his bottle is forming classical, for a while form on the top have the modern fascination," Christina says.

The perfume is planed will be introduced in some forms. And Eau de Parfum Spray obtainable with price about USD32-59, whereas it shower gel worth USD20, and body lotion USD25.

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