Saturday, October 11, 2008

Beautiful Body Secret | Celebrity style

Seeing of the celebrities look truly make jealous. Their ideal body looks, clothes and seen anything good in their body. The following celebrities share their success in maintaining the body to remain slim.

Cindy Crawford
Tgis former supermodel is always looking Slimy. What's the secret? "In terms of food, I never lost control," she said. Juno mainstay menu is protein and vegetables, plus whole wheat. According to her, when we have been accustomed, will not be difficult to run like this lifestyle. In the sports, she suggested you to reduce body fat and build muscle, but not to lose the woman typical groove section, ok.

Elle Macpherson
Another former model who is able to maintain the body form though is not active in the world model. This mother of two children are admitted to prefer using a natural ways to maintain weight. "I prefer to drink three liters of water should sit in the spa and self-indulgence, besides the effect is same," she said.

Elle also is including those who make diligent diet. "My blood type is A, so I better consume rice and vegetables," she said. However she also admitted always eat in small portions. According to her, the beautiful body secret is how to choose the right clothes. "Appropriate Bra and fitting pants that can balance of the body. When you feel comfortable, then you will feel good," she said.

Nicollette Sheridan
For the Edie Brit nation in the Desperate Housewives series, conduct some sport type means to control weight. "I really like pizza and fried potatoes," she said. This 44 years old aged women is also very active. "I jogging four times a week and I like the gym," she said. However, there is a secret beautiful body, "sometimes I clean the house while naked, it's great to feel," she said laughing. To establish the body, this blond woman is diligently doing Gyrotonic, which has a similar movement with pilates.

Jennifer Aniston
At the turn on 39 years old aged, this single woman are still seen slim owing to her salad diet. This Brad Pitt ex wife is chose high fiber diet Zone, meat without fat and healthy snack. Jen also conduct yoga regularly and pilates during two hour, four-five times in a week. "This is sport at a time also meditation," she said. A Fact to undertake the motivation is to do something that stupid and underhanded. "At least twice a week, it should be," she said.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Madonna - Beauty After 40

At August 16 2008, Madonna even 50 years old. But look at her although age has been half of century, there any signs of aging on her?

Not only wrinkling in the face. The activity of that singer which running as "Material Girl" far from the women who have entered old age! See it, not to save energy in old age, Madonna even busy in world concert that plan ended in December 2008.

So what is Madonna fitness secret? In fact, mix of macrobiotic diet and “super-hard” sports activities.

About her diet macrobiotic, in an interview with Larry King, Madonna says her dinner menu is fish, a several types of grains, vegetables and salad. "Simple, but tasty," she says.

While for her dessert menu, Madonna says, "If she hooked to have snack and are not to diet coerced, she likes eating toast with strawberry jam. But it is very infrequency." While her sport activity, the Daily Mail, a British newspaper report every day Madonna spends about five hours of time for exercise.

Usually, Madonna started her activities by doing yoga at his home in London.

Then, switch Pilates on a famous Pilates studio located not far from her home (where she usually practices with another celeb; Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCartney).

While the third session is sports practices after lunch, Madonna have many activity option including karate, swimming, weight lifting, jogging, cycling, and sometimes riding horse.

Although Madonna's diet and sports portion was often considered too hard to her old age, but Barbara Bushman, a professors in the field of health and physical education and Missouri State University says, that that's what Madonna does it can against the aging process.

"People who really keep himself with diet and exercise, such as Madonna, relatively will be isolated from the aging process problems," Barbara says on WebMD.

From Girl Next Door to Glamorous Trendsetter

Many celebrity in initially just looking standard, but then changed to role models after successfully metamorphoses their appearance to be more glamorous. The following are among of those celebrities, and their secret success to be trendsetter.

1. Katherine Heigl

On 1999, Katherine Heigl grab act in TV serial film 'Roswell', play as
young alien named Isabel Evans. That serial film is success and
Katherine name come be famously.

2. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston name has rising at 1994, after playing as a jauntily
girl in TV serial 'Friends'. Start from that, the star frame is borne
in herself.

3. Rihanna

'A Girl Like Me' successes raised Rihanna name to international top pop music star at 2006. Moreover now she had reputed as The Queen of'Rock and Blues'.

4. Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes went starting famously at 1998 by trough TV serial ‘Dawson’s Creek’. Although her star began shining, no one imagined Katie’s carrier will grow fastest. And no one imagined too if Katie can rake in handsome widower, Tom Cruise, and then make her a wife.

5. Carrie Underwood

After being successes by an American Idol winner at 2001, Carrie Underwood now are more famous after reached the Grammy Award at 2008.