Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Madonna - Beauty After 40

At August 16 2008, Madonna even 50 years old. But look at her although age has been half of century, there any signs of aging on her?

Not only wrinkling in the face. The activity of that singer which running as "Material Girl" far from the women who have entered old age! See it, not to save energy in old age, Madonna even busy in world concert that plan ended in December 2008.

So what is Madonna fitness secret? In fact, mix of macrobiotic diet and “super-hard” sports activities.

About her diet macrobiotic, in an interview with Larry King, Madonna says her dinner menu is fish, a several types of grains, vegetables and salad. "Simple, but tasty," she says.

While for her dessert menu, Madonna says, "If she hooked to have snack and are not to diet coerced, she likes eating toast with strawberry jam. But it is very infrequency." While her sport activity, the Daily Mail, a British newspaper report every day Madonna spends about five hours of time for exercise.

Usually, Madonna started her activities by doing yoga at his home in London.

Then, switch Pilates on a famous Pilates studio located not far from her home (where she usually practices with another celeb; Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCartney).

While the third session is sports practices after lunch, Madonna have many activity option including karate, swimming, weight lifting, jogging, cycling, and sometimes riding horse.

Although Madonna's diet and sports portion was often considered too hard to her old age, but Barbara Bushman, a professors in the field of health and physical education and Missouri State University says, that that's what Madonna does it can against the aging process.

"People who really keep himself with diet and exercise, such as Madonna, relatively will be isolated from the aging process problems," Barbara says on WebMD.

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