Wednesday, October 8, 2008

From Girl Next Door to Glamorous Trendsetter

Many celebrity in initially just looking standard, but then changed to role models after successfully metamorphoses their appearance to be more glamorous. The following are among of those celebrities, and their secret success to be trendsetter.

1. Katherine Heigl

On 1999, Katherine Heigl grab act in TV serial film 'Roswell', play as
young alien named Isabel Evans. That serial film is success and
Katherine name come be famously.

2. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston name has rising at 1994, after playing as a jauntily
girl in TV serial 'Friends'. Start from that, the star frame is borne
in herself.

3. Rihanna

'A Girl Like Me' successes raised Rihanna name to international top pop music star at 2006. Moreover now she had reputed as The Queen of'Rock and Blues'.

4. Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes went starting famously at 1998 by trough TV serial ‘Dawson’s Creek’. Although her star began shining, no one imagined Katie’s carrier will grow fastest. And no one imagined too if Katie can rake in handsome widower, Tom Cruise, and then make her a wife.

5. Carrie Underwood

After being successes by an American Idol winner at 2001, Carrie Underwood now are more famous after reached the Grammy Award at 2008.

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