Saturday, September 20, 2008

Katherine Heigl Glamorous Trendsetter

On 1999, Katherine Heigl grab act in TV serial film 'Roswell', play as
young alien named Isabel Evans. That serial film is success and
Katherine name come be famously.

With height 175 cent meter and weight about 57 kilogram, more with
lustrously blond hair make her looking to imprison. But because of she
are to lazy to dress up and be often appearing with smooth color
clothes and simple hair model, at that time se can't indicate her best

Spot on with
Katherine are start look special after she made pretty her lips by
vinyl lipstick which added sophistication touch.

Katherine is still shown tomboy or house wife style. But after she
ready to improve her haircut style, her appearance are started looked
sexy although is still far from her potential beauty.

Work in progress
Few make-up touch and gown by V-neck model on her body, with beautiful
skin color type made Katherine appearance be attracted.

Looking Good
2008 become a great year for Katherine. Be side of her developed
career, she was founding a fit form on her appearance.
At last, Katherine throws out her adolescent and her long hair to be a
wisdom selebrity.

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Lexie said...

Lol, trendsetter? Hilarious!