Friday, April 3, 2009

Paris Hilton Following Lady Gaga

Spectacular look from the Hollywood fashionista are not always pure of the characters personality reflection. Even Paris Hilton is still following the style of Lady Gaga.

As quoted by Gossipgirl, this Dough Reinhardt lover is looking sexy and beauty while posing in front of journalist cameras. That time she is on the Hotel Santa Monica balcony, California.

Which makes it look unique and different is from her usual style of the clothing that similar with melodist Lady gaga. She wearing a black bikini and box frame sunglasses, so exactly as Lady Gaga's clothing style.

At time in leave the hotel, Paris-style again look like Lady Gaga's style at Duke, Malibu. This time, her body is wearing a black mini dress, complete with sunglasses, and boots that covered her beauty foot.

Although is following another Hollywood celebrity style, there is no awkwardness from the face and the body movement from this Hilton Hotel heir.

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